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Uncanny X-Men, Ultimates 3, and a lesser known comic Battle Chasers comprise the major graphic novel works on Joe Madureira's bio. Even if you've never picked up a comic book to save your life you might recognize Mr. Madureira's art in the NCSoft game Dungeon Runners. Now he's the creative director at Vigil Games, the developer behind Darksiders, and is not ashamed to admit; he hates drawing horses. Check out the new dev diary below for some very cool details about the evolution of the main character of Darksiders War and his horse Ruin.


Vigil Games Creative Director and Legendary Comic Book Artist Joe Madureira Discusses Inspirations for the Characters, Style and Design of Darksiders

November 17, 2009Joe Madureira began his career at the age of 16, as an intern working for Marvel Comics.  He became a regular penciller on Uncanny X-Men in 1994, and then left Uncanny X-Men in 1997 to work on his own series Battle Chasers – which made him one of the most popular artists in the industry.  Several years later, after founding Vigil Games, the concept for Darksiders came from the idea of creating a new type of video game that drew upon both the style and character of comic books, and the cinematic storytelling of film.   

“We wanted to work on an action-adventure game, we knew we wanted to go darker, a little more mature,” said Joe Madureira, creative director at Vigil Games.  “The idea of the four horsemen just came up, and everyone just latched onto it – and became very excited about it.” 

Darksiders features a massive collection of creatures and monsters, many of which were inspired by mythological characters, such as Medusa and Pegasus.  As these various characters were created and implemented into the game, they evolved to balance between gameplay elements and character development. 

Darksiders will be available January 5, 2010 on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.  For more information about Darksiders, please visit www.darksiders.com



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