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If you own Darkest of Days on the PC and have been itching for the chance to create your own content, this is your day. I might even go so far as to call it your darkest of days. Modders, whip out your typing and clicking fingers because you’ll be exposed to Habitat, the level editing software used by 8monkey on Darkest of Days. You can create your own levels, and even make some graphical mods as the update will also expose you to shader code.

Another intriguing update is the ability to revisit levels and missions wielding a weapon set of your heart’s desire. Phantom EFX calls this update to their gameplay “Instant Action” and is available for download on their site.

Cedar Falls, Iowa – November 04, 2009 – Phantom EFX, the world’s leading developer and publisher of PC based casino and card game titles, and independent game development studio 8monkey Labs announced today the availability of a series of updates to their recently launched first-person shooter, Darkest of Days. PC users of Darkest of Days are now able to use 8monkey’s own level editing software, Habitat, to create their own levels in which to wreak havoc. Phantom EFX also released an “Instant Action” gameplay update that will allow players choose their favorite weapons and travel back to their favorite missions with a weapon set of their choosing.

“This update has been in the pipeline for a while, and we’re excited to get it into our fans’ hands,” said Mark Doeden, director of 8monkey Labs. “Habitat is an incredibly powerful tool that will allow gamers to create levels limited only by their imaginations. And the ability to select individual levels with custom weapon load-outs once the main campaign is completed is something people have been clamoring for – now you can go back to Pompeii and fry up enemies with your microwave gun at any time!”

The release of Habitat allows PC gamers to now create their own Darkest of Days mods using 8monkey’s proprietary Marmoset Engine™. This update even unlocks shader code, so graphical mods are also a possibility. The patch also addresses many consumer demands, including: support for fourth and fifth mouse buttons, a mouse smoothing option, fixes for hardware specific OpenAL and ATI crashes, and new PhysX system software.

The “Instant Action” patch and the Habitat level editor are now available in the download section at www.darkestofdays.com.

Darkest of Days was released on PC and Xbox 360 September 8, 2009. PC Gamer gave it an 80/100 in its review and College News said that Darkest of Days is “one of the most unique first-person shooters that has hit shelves recently.”

To purchase Darkest of Days, please visit store.phantomefx.com. For more information about Darkest of Days, please visit www.darkestofdays.com. For more information about Phantom EFX, please visit www.phantomefx.com. For more information about 8monkey Labs, please visit www.8monkeylabs.com.
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