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Dark pre-order bonuses arrive out of the shadows

by: Nathaniel -
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It's amazing to me that vampires are still stuck playing second fiddle to zombies in the current pop-culture monster hirearchy.  Zombies aren't that interesting, and in the absence of some sort of magic, are problematic as threats to civilization.  What stops them from simply continuing to decay until there's not enough left to worry about?  At least a vampire can talk to you before it kills you and that should make for more compelling TV and video games.  Instead we get stuff like Twilight and True Blood (the Cinnabon of television shows - not good for you at all but so delicious you don't care).  Meanwhile zombies get the Walking Dead, and a 30 year history of solid films.  If vampires were real, they'd be outraged at the disparity.

Dark, however, will seek to set that imbalance right.  Kalypso's forthcoming stealth action game is all about vampires that don't sparkle, brood, or sulk.  Dark's vampires kill, and drink human blood to fuel said killing. 

If you pre-order Dark from GameStop, Best Buy, or Amazon, you'll receive an extensive strategy guide, a digital copy of the main theme song plus a remixed version, and digital wallpapers and posters that you can download and print. 

To learn more, visit www.getintothedark.com/us/shop/.  Our own Chuck recently interviewed Dark producer Dennis Blumenthal, and you can check that out right here.