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Dark Void: Zero headed to iPhone / PC this month

by: Jeremy -
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 Capcom is prepared to expand its target audience for the 8-bit prequel to Dark Void, entitled Dark Void: Zero in the next couple of weeks.  The game was originally announced for the Nintendo DSiWare platform, on which it launched back on January 19, 2010.  The game was later announced as being ported to the PC and iPhone platforms as well, but with no date(s) given for the release.
In a product listing from Capcom's media department, Dark Void: Zero is listed as coming out for both the PC and iPhone mid-March. The PC / mobile PC) version of the game will sell for $4.99 and the iPhone version for $2.99.  The game, as previously, stated, is a prequel to the Dark Void that was recently released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC platforms.  In the handheld version, you will assume the role of Rusty, the first human born in the Void and must battle against the Watchers to prevent their domination of Earth.