Dante's Inferno demo coming to PSN on 12/10, Xbox Live on 12/24

by: Chuck -
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It looks like EA is starting to show the Playstation 3 some love as the demo for Dante's Inferno will be debuting on the service on December 10th, two weeks before the demo is available for the Xbox 360.  Of course Sony is using a page out of the Microsoft Marketing Handbook here but it 's nice to see Sony finally start to get aggressive about getting some exclusives for their system.

The demo will allow you to play through the first level of the game and should give you some idea if the final game is worth it or not.  Personally I'd like to see something a bit further along in the game but that's just me.  What do you think?  What part of a game should a game developer give you access to?  Let us know in the comments.
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