Dance Central gets a case of stage fright

by: Jeremy -
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With the official launch of Microsoft Kinect only a few short days a way, one of the peripheral’s key titles has been recalled by its publisher. MTV Games has recalled all of its shipments of Dance Central which had already been sent to stores.

According to the official statement from Microsoft,

"Microsoft has become aware that an update that needs to be made to the product manual (i.e. printed materials) included in the game entitled "Dance Central" developed by MTV/Harmonix and distributed by Microsoft.

Both Microsoft and MTV Games are confident that replacement shipments of Dance Central can be provided to all affected stores prior to the release date of November 4, 2010. It is hard to imagine that a simple instruction manual misprint can prompt a full recall of such a high profile game. I have seen numerous rumors across the net as to what the misprint or misprints entail, but the exact reasoning is still unknown to the general public.

Source: Joystiq 
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