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You may have already downloaded Braid, The Maw, and/or The World of Goo and have had the shortcuts sitting on your desktop for some time. Now you can give those lonely icons some comtemporary friends by downloading the Direct2Drive Best of Indy Bundle Volume 3. Less than 30 bucks gets you seven other indy hits including Osmosis, Crayon Physics Deluxe, and the delightfully jagged and rusty Machinarium. Click here to preview the games and make your purchase. The bundle is only available till March 12th though, so don't don't take too long playing demos before you make your decision.


The Best Indie Bundle Vol. 3 is Here - 10 Games for $29.95!

Direct2Drive.com today brings you The Best of Indie Bundle Volume 3! The bundle combines 10 previous finalists (and some winners!) from past Independent Games Festivals (IGF). The IGF celebrates the best games from the indie development community, so you know these are the best of the best! Pick up the bundle now for $29.95 – that’s a savings of $105.55 if you were to purchase each of these games on their own. This bundle is only available through March 12th, so act fast!

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