Daedalic pays its artists handsomely--and it shows--in this Memoria trailer

by: Randy -
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This narrator is using his best movie-making in a world voice, and he's using it to good effect. This trailer for Memoria showcases some slightly stiff 3-D character models, some breathtaking outdoor landscapes, and a painterly aesthetic that ranges from Dragon Age murals to Bob Ross paintings. I can't decide if the little story they're leaking is boring me to tears with its rote fantasy blah blah writing, or if there's an intriguing premise lurking beneath all the rote fantasy blah blah writing. Either way, it's impossible for me to be objective about this trailer because they had me at artwork. We've got unchained spirits, woodlands blanketed in tunnel-vision mists, and interior structures chock full of dusty tomes, alchemist components, and looming statues. This all had to be a point-and-click adventure game to look this good, but some day--some day--fully 3-D rendered games will get their art on a level with 2-D adventure games.
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