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by: Chuck -
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Walked into the Wilmington, NC Walmart this morning and absconded away with two of the DS Lites from their inventory for the long road trip back to Columbus.  Per our (formerly) secret Nintendo DS Lite Coven I picked up two in case John was unable to procure one for him and he would have picked one for me had my early morning mission to America's biggest retailer come up empty.  I apologize to anyone in Wilmington for being a Yankee carpet bagger and taking two of the magical little devices from your town before you had a chance to grab them.

I picked up Tetris DS and Brain Age so that I would have something to play on the way back (Pictochat isn't a lot of fun solo).  I unfortunately ignored the advice of my girlfriend and did not pick up a car charger for the device, figuring that the device's initial charge would be enough to last the 10 hour journey from Wilmington to Hilliard, hio but unfortunately I was only able to get just outside of Winston Salem before the device gave up the ghost (note this isn't a reflection on the overall battery life of the unit, just how long I had to play it since I wasn't able to charge the unit during the trip).  I still was able to kill four hours of drive time stacking blocks into lines though.

The device itself is certainly a better looking piece of equipment than its predecessor although and with it's shiny white paint and translucent covering it almost looks like something that might have emerged from the bowels of the fruit company in Cupertino.  The screen is sharp and bright enough to be seen in near direct sunlight.  I did experience some cramping after some time with the unit but that's more due to the ravages of a decade of making a living behind a keyboard and playing hockey twice a week.  I did get used to it though and the device is farily comfortable once you get used to it.  I'll have more impressions later but I'm still on the look out for a few more games to play on it.  If you've got any suggestions click my name at the top of the post and let me know what you think I should pick up. 
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