DJ Hero 2 brings back the old skool with a new mix pack

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After being awarded the Spike TV VGA’s Best Soundtrack award, Activision is releasing three new tracks for DJ Hero 2. Termed the Old Skool Mix Pack, the three tracks are throwbacks to Fat Boys, Tag Team and Beastie Boys. Being a DJ game, the tracks are mixed with other artists:

· Fat Boys - "Human Beat Box" Mixed With Mantronix - "King of the Beats"
· Tag Team - "Whoomp! (There It Is)" Mixed With 45 King- "The 900 Number"
· Beastie Boys - "Triple Trouble" Mixed With Tone-Loc - "Funky Cold Medina"

Grab the pack for 640 Microsoft Points/$7.99/300 Wii Points.
Budding beat chemists, singing sensations and their friends who have already picked up DJ Hero® 2 - recent winner of Spike TV's Best Soundtrack Video Game Award - can expand 2010's best soundtrack in entertainment today with three new exclusive downloadable mixes featured in the Old Skool Mix Pack. Taking it back to the old school, for all the old fools, who are so cool; if you want to get down, these three mixes will show you the way:

· Fat Boys - "Human Beat Box" Mixed With Mantronix - "King of the Beats"
· Tag Team - "Whoomp! (There It Is)" Mixed With 45 King- "The 900 Number"
· Beastie Boys - "Triple Trouble" Mixed With Tone-Lōc - "Funky Cold Medina"

The Old Skool Mix Packs will be available on Xbox LIVE® Marketplace for the Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft for 640 Microsoft Points; and on the PlayStation®Store for PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system for $7.99. All mixes will be released as downloadable singlesfor Wii™ for 300 Wii Points™.

About DJ Hero 2
Hailed in the press as "music game of the year"* and "the freshest thing in rhythm gaming,"** DJ Hero 2deliver s the definitive way for players to come together and party with a host of new multiplayer modes - including DJ Battles that pit DJ against DJ in mixes produced specifically for battle gameplay - and invite vocalists into the spotlight with integrated on-screen singing and rapping of lyrics and rhymes while bringing the party to life with jump-in/jump-out Party Play gameplay. Featuring the biggest dance, pop and hip-hop hits by the hottest artists everyone knows and loves remixed by world-class DJ's in an all-new way, the game's soundtrack delivers 83 unique creations only available in DJ Hero 2. Further immersing players into the music, the game offers a heightened level of creative input and allows everyone to add their own touch, directly impacting the beats they're spinning with freestyle scratching, crossfading and sampling. The game will also feature an all-new career-based Empire Mode where players start out as an up-and-coming DJ on the road to becoming the head of a major entertainment empire, all of which is founded solely on their success as a DJ.

Available now, DJ Hero 2invites a wave of new digital disc jockeys to the turntables as the game is available in a Party Bundle which will include a copy of the game, two turntable controllers and a microphone, offering the ultimate "party-in-a-box." Gamers who experienced DJ Hero®, the #1 new videogame intellectual property of 2009, can pick up DJ Hero 2 as a Turntable Bundle featuring one turntable controller and a copy of the game or as standalone software. The gamewas developed by FreeStyleGames for Xbox 360, the PlayStation 3 system and the Wii system from Nintendo. The game is rated "T" (Teen - Mild Suggestive Themes, Lyrics) by the ESRB. For more information about DJ Hero 2, please visit, and
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