DDO gets a new update introducing half-blood races

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Dungeons & Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited gets a new update with two new half-blood races. Alongside the new races, which are depicted in the images below, are a new raid, adventure pack, live event, and the typical improvements to gameplay (UI, graphics, etc.).

Read on for the full update details in the free-to-play MMORPG.

Turbine, Inc. today launched a massive new update to Dungeons & Dragons Online®: Eberron Unlimited™ (DDO Unlimited), the world’s best free to play massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG). DDO Unlimited’s newest update introduces two new player races – Half-orc and Half-elf -- a new 12-player Raid, a major upgrade to the graphics engine and UI and adds a brand new free adventure pack – Deception in Stormreach – as well as dozens of new items to the DDO Store.

“It has been a phenomenal first year for DDO as a free to play game and we want to thank players for their support by launching our biggest content update yet,” said Fernando Paiz, Executive Producer of DDO Unlimited. “The addition of the Half-orc and Half-elf races will bring a whole new dimension to the game and I can’t wait for players to experience the new free adventure pack and the Endless Night event starting today.”

The latest DDO Unlimited update introduces mind-bending new dungeons and a lot more, including:

Ø Introducing the Half-orc and Half-elf – The Half-Bloods update introduces two new races to DDO. Half-orcs are powerful creatures that excel at destruction and offer players a bonus modifier to strength. The Half-elf are well rounded creatures that excel at manipulating monsters with their social graces and offer players an advantage in managing the battle and assisting their party.

Ø New 12-player Raid: The Chronoscope – During the Devil invasion on the Marketplace, famous performer Nat Gann was critically injured and suddenly vanished. His family, willing to do anything to find him, call on players to use a mysterious and ancient device to find out what happened to Nat Gann on that fateful day. This new 12-player raid, designed for level 6 players plus an Epic difficulty setting for level 20 characters, will take them back to the events leading up to the devastating destruction of the Marketplace.

Ø New Free Adventure Pack: Deception in Stormreach -- The mysterious monster kingdom of Droaam has sent Medusa ambassador to negotiate with Stormreach. In this update players will explore Lordsmarch Plaza, a new public area just off the Marketplace from which the Coin Lords rule Stormreach. During the course of their adventures, players will discover that Droaam has landed an army in Stormreach and is about to launch an attack on the city. This new series of three level 12 adventures from DDO is free to all players.
Ø New Live Event: Endless Night – Players are invited to join DDO’s newest in-game event called Endless Night. This seasonal event will occur in Delera’s Graveyard outside House Jorasco and will require players to band together to defeat various types of undead monsters and collect festival pieces that will unlock the main event, an climactic battle with and all new monster -- a spectraldragon!

Ø Major Game Improvements – This latest update brings a wealth of major updates to DDO including a completely redesigned User Interface that features improved inventory and auction house UI, improvements to Hirelings, and a graphics engine upgrade that now supports the latest DX-11 standard and brings the world of Stormreach to life like never before.

Ø DDO Store Catalog Expands – In addition to the two new races, players can now choose from a host of new items and improvements being added to the DDO Store including new Guild items, special holiday items such as Pumpkin Grenades and great specials on Turbine Point bundles.

DDO Unlimited is a free-to-play MMORPG which delivers heart-pounding game play featuring the industry’s best combat system, a massive world with state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay, and a rich set of features that until now could only be found in premium subscription-based MMOs. DDO Unlimited offers an innovative pricing model that allows players to download and play for free, purchasing adventure packs, items, and account services a la carte from the DDO Store, or to subscribe to become a VIP and get unlimited access to all of the game’s content. Players can download and play DDO Unlimited for free by visiting http://www.ddo.com.

DDO Unlimited is based on the world-renowned DUNGEONS & DRAGONS® franchise of Wizards of the Coast LLC, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS), under license to Atari, SA. DDO has been enthusiastically received by many gaming critics, including The New York Times, PC Gamer, Game Informer and many more.
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