DB Zenkai Battle Royale still looks great

by: Jeremy -
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I am not a huge Dragon Ball fan, as I have stated in the past, but the new arcade game Dragon Ball Zenkai Battle Royale looks amazing. We have shown the game a few times in the past but have recently found a batch of new direct-feed screenshots showing just how impressive the new graphical style of the game is...

The game, which has only been announced for Japanese arcades, ditches the cartoon-style of the previous games with a more realistic, 3D-rendered style that brings the characters to life more than ever. As you can sen in one of the images below, the game is being developed to be network alongside other arcade machines to allow for some intense, multiplayer action. I guess that the days of two or more people being cramped in front of s single arcade screen are gone as everyone gets their own monitor now days. If this one makes its way stateside, I may have to look into it... I am impressed.

Source: Andriasang

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