DARK to natively support Oculus Rift and 3D displays

by: Sean Colleli -
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Kalypso's DARK is only a few days away but it's clear the publisher aims to go big with this new IP. The vampire stealth game will support both the Oculus Rift headmount display and 3D monitors right out of the box, which shows that Oculus Rift is gaining even more traction and mainstream appeal in the industry. It's been pretty cool to see DARK go from sleeper hit to standout summer release and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

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Kalypso Announces 3D and Oculus Rift Support for DARK on Windows PC

July 2, 2013, Ridgewood, NJ - Kalypso Media is excited to announce that their upcoming vampire stealth-action game, DARK, will feature support for both 3D via supported televisions, and through conventional Anaglyph (red/blue glasses) 3D. Even more exciting is that DARK will support the upcoming Oculus Rift virtual-reality head-mounted display on Windows PC.  For those gamers without a 3D TV or Oculus headset, you can still enjoy DARK in 3D by simply using the classic stereoscopic (red/blue) 3D lenses on a standard monitor! With these additional visual support options for DARK, you will be able to hunt your enemies and unleash stunning vampire powers in magnificent 3D and virtual reality!
DARK is a stealth action game with RPG elements that lets you slip into the role of the ultimate killer… a vampire. Stalk your enemies from the shadows then use powerful vampire abilities to attack and silently dispose of them! The exciting story of DARK immerses you in a world full of blood and darkness in which the hunter can become the hunted at any time.   As you unravel the mystery behind the omnipresent and powerful global conglomerate, Geoforge, you must continually improve your character by developing powerful skills to aid you in remaining unobserved, or silence those unfortunate enough to take too keen an interest in you.
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