Crytek ends Free Radical's crisis

by: Sean Colleli -
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Free Radical Design's chief writer Rob Yescombe has reported to 1up that the economically troubled studio has been bought by Crytek.  Some readers will remember that FRD closed its doors last December 18th (a sad little birthday present for me) and laid off 140 of its staff.  The remaining employees have been working out of office since the closure but until now the future of the studio was shaky at best.  This has to be a huge relief to the people still working for FRD, and Yescombe says that they hope to re-hire to their previous strength.  There's no word yet on whether FRD's prior projects, namely Timesplitters 4, will resume development, but at least now there's a chance.  It's good to see some good news with all the job slashing going on these days.  Now if only Nintendo would resurrect Factor 5 we'd be all set.
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