Crysis on your mobile phone

by: John -
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Yes, the real Crysis is playing in the video on the Omnia mobile phone using software from OTOY. The technology being demonstrated is similiar to what OnLive is suppose to be where the computer that the phone is connected to is doing all the grunt work and you just see the video of the action as it happens. I wouldn't want to play the game on my phone but I can think of a use where I would have my laptop upstairs and would want to get a game of Left 4 Dead in utilizing the power of my more robust desktop to do all the rendering. My friend had a great idea of Microsoft updating the 360 or an Extender to extend a deskstop so we can play games like Team Fortress 2 on the big screen without having to move the computer next to it if the console is already hooked up to it.

Thanks Tech Crunch.

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