Crysis Patch 1.1 Available

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Crysis (AKA the system crusher) has a patch out that helps with a variety of performance issues. If you're like me, you think the game is gorgeous. It's easy to see how gorgeous the game looks when it's crawling along at 20FPS on your quad core machine! I'm going to download this patch and see if I can turn a few more details back on, you should too. Full details after the jump:
The first patch for EA and Crytek’s critically acclaimed Crysis, is now available for download.  The 140 MB patch is mainly focused on enhancing Crysis’ performance on a wide range of PCs, along with a few other tweaks to weapons balancing in multiplayer and minor bug fixes, the most important of which include:
•    Improved Multi-GPU performance for users with multiple video game cards
•    Improved Full Screen Anti-Aliasing performance
•    Improved General Rendering performance
•    Integrated Advanced Graphics Settings which gives players more options to tune graphics setting to their individual PC
•    General Weapons Balancing improvements in multiplayer
Crysis launched in November of 2007 to wide critical acclaim and recently was named GameSpot’s Best PC Game of 2007 and GameSpot’s Best First Person Shooter of 2007. The game has also received awards for Technical Achievement from GameSpot, IGN, ShackNews and SpikeTV, and was also recognized in several mainstream outlets as being one of the Top 10 Games of the 2007, including Wired and The New York Times.
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