Crysis 3 pre-order incentives revealed

by: Chuck -
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I always get nervous when companies have pre-order incentives for the multiplayer modes of games as they sometimes have the appearance of changing the balance of play in favor of those who pre-order the game.  As someone who doesn't like to loan money to retailers in exchange for them having them holding a copy for me to purchase I'm always on the watch for games that cross that line.  That's why my spider senses were tingling a bit while watching this trailer for the Crysis 3 pre-order incentives.  

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I'm OK with the additional weapons and the dog tags that come with the game but automatically advancing pre-order purchasers to level 5 seems a bit much.  Sure, people are just buying a time advantage but that immediately unbalances the playing field for everyone who buys the game on day one.  It's not a deal breaker by any means but it does make me wonder where we are headed with future incentives.
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