Crysis 3 forgot it's September

by: Nathaniel -
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Because it's hot (like July hot) - sizzling in fact (because they call the video a "sizzle" video).

I don't know what to make of Crysis 3.  I loved the first one, but found the second one to be painfully dull.  Crysis 3 looks just like number 2, but it's supposed to be more of an open world shooter like the first one.  In a perfect world, Crysis 3 would look as good as Crysis 2, but be like the original in every other way.

Anyway, the following "sizzle" video called the Summer Accolades Trailer gives you a brief glimpse of Crysis 3 in action, and that is followed by screen shots that show Crysis 3's Hunter Mode in action, but in a more "not-moving" kind of way. 

Crysis 3 comes out this February.

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