Crysis 2 getting a variety of editing tools

by: Jeremy -
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Crytek has announced that it will freely distribute both a Crysis 2 level editor and a CryENGINE SDK later this year.

The Crysis 2 editor will be released sometime this summer, allowing players to create custom content for the PC version of the hit game. This content will include the ability to create new maps and items among other content for the game. Following the release of the the editor, sometime during August 2011, Crytek will release a full SDK based on the CryENGINE3 for non-commercials use. Any users who wish to launch a product commercially with the engine will be offered a low-cost licensing model.

Considering how gorgeous Crysis 2 looks, I cannot wait to see what the modding community comes up with using both the game editor and the full source development kit. It’s too bad that wthe technology has evolved to the point where we can see this sort of content distributed for the console ports of the game(s). I guess that is one of the things that we can hope for in the next generation... and then the one after that... and the one after that...

Source: GamingBits 

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