Cross the Line before E3

by: Jeremy -
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SouthPeak Interactive acquired the licensing rights to TNA Wrestling’s video games in Midway’s bankruptcy liquidation. Last month we posted the announcement of the new game, TNA Impact!: Cross the Line for the Nintendo DS along with a few screenshots, and today we have a few more shots courtesy of GoNintendo.

The game is likely to be fully detailed at next week’s E3, but there are plenty of conclusions that can be drawn from the screens shown below. First off, the roster continues to grow from the previously shown 6 wrestlers; you can officially add Jat Lethal and Homicide to the playable list. The health meters shown in the screens indicate that the game will focus on the ability to target and focus attacks on specific areas of the body. The submission maneuvers in the game appear to consist of a mini-game of sorts which will require you to either tap or perhaps connect various points on the touch screen in order to increase the amount of damage inflicted.

Simply by looks alone, this is shaping up to be the best looking wrestling game available on the DS, now let’s just see how it plays.

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