CrimeCraft gets unlimited free trial, first major update

by: Marissa -
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Vogster Entertainment has announced an unlimited free trial, tiered subscription plan, and major update for online title CrimeCraft. CrimeCraft is classified as a "PWNS" (Persistent World Next-gen Shooter). Gamers can now play for free as long as they like, or unlock the full set of game features and options with the Standard ($4.99/mo) or Premium ($9.99/mo) plans.

If you do decide to update to the paid plans, your account will seamlessly transition to the upgraded versions of the game. More casual players will want the Standard version, which unlocks all of the game's features, while hardcore players will enjoy the Premium plan, which also allows them to participate in the larger gang war "meta-game."

The first major update for the game is out, too. There's a new PvE mode that pits players against AI gang bosses across 14 maps, a new PvP loot system, a new NPC gang with loot and jobs, and an in-game newspaper featuring player-created content and detailing the triumphs and tragedys of players' gangs. True hustlers will see themselves on Most Wanted billboards posted around the city.

Get the game in any of its three versions at
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