Creepy developer diary for Alan Wake's American Nightmare

by: Travis -
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The first Remedy developer diary for the upcoming standalone title Alan Wake's American Nightmare discusses the premise and direction of the game. Instead of the Stephen King and Lost inspiration for Alan Wake, American Nightmare is more similar to the chaotic action of Quentin Tarantino and From Dusk Till Dawn. Described as featuring wilder enemies and wilder weapons, American Nightmare looks to be quite an adrenaline-filled experience of battling the darkness and hunting down the supernatural serial killer known as Mr. Scratch.

In addition to the "hefty" amount of content in the main story, gamers can compete for leaderboard high scores in the arcade survival mode titled "Fight till Dawn." Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be released as part of Xbox Live Arcade’s House Party on February 22 for 1200 Microsoft Points or $15.

Before viewing the video, be warned of some downright creepy activities occurring behind the developers.

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