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This isn't the first Creative Labs headset but it's the first one using Sound Blaster X-Fi and Creative's Silencer  technologies though. Here's the Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset and for $99 you get a full headset with mic that plugs into your computer via a USB port. For those that want to block out all ambient sounds when playing, the Silencer technology will keep it to just gaming sounds and your friends voice chats while helping quiet any other sounds around you.

The Surround label for the headset lets you know that you'll get positional surround sound with the help of Sound Blaster X-Fi audio technology. If you want to disguise your voice, the included software lets you change your voice to one of 17 different personas. Not one of the features I really enjoy in gaming headsets but it's there if you want to use it. 

It's available now at select online sites if you're interested in ordering.

Creative Introduces Sound Blaster® Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset – the First Gaming Headset to Feature Sound Blaster X-Fi and Silencer Noise-Suppression Audio Technologies

What: Creative today announced the availability of the Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset, the first headset to feature both Creative’s Silencer™ noise-suppression technology and Sound Blaster X-Fi® audio technology. This is also the first gaming headset available with Creative’s world-famous Sound Blaster brand.

Silencer technology distinguishes background noise, like blaring music or barking dogs, from speech and then blocks out that noise so users are clearly heard by teammates. The Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset combines Silencer with Sound Blaster X-Fi audio technology, which delivers positional surround sound that’s so realistic it’s like being able to see in the dark. The software also includes VoiceFX™, which enables gamers to change the sound of their voice in any game they are playing to portray one of 18 different personas, from Alien to Orc.

“Playing at the pro level, bulletproof hardware is essential to staying at the top of our game,” said Jason Lake, founder and CEO of CompLexity, the premiere competitive gaming brand in North America. “We have been reaping the benefits of Sound Blaster X-Fi audio for years and can’t imagine playing without it. Now with the addition of Silencer we have the most advanced audio arsenal in competitive gaming and because it’s USB it’s easy to take out on the road to tournaments.”

The USB connection combined with Sound Blaster X-Fi technology guarantees crystal-clear audio from a desktop or a laptop and includes precision full-spectrum drivers for unparalleled sonic accuracy.

The Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset also features a sleek white design and is crafted for comfort as much as performance. Ergonomic, plush ear cups are shaped for sound isolation so users can keep their head in the game during extended sessions, and the headband is lightweight, padded and adjustable for a custom, precise fit.

Pricing and Availability
Priced at US$99.99, the Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset is available now at,, and Fry’s retail stores. A special edition CompLexity version of the Sound Blaster Arena Surround USB Gaming Headset will be available exclusively from early next month for US$99.99.
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