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Miniature golf is a blast to play in real life.  Sometimes I'll play at a course and imagine having my own at home.  In the past, I've even drawn up designs of various courses I would create if I were given the opportunity.  That time is now.

Zen Studios is working on Planet MiniGolf that is coming to PSN later this spring.  Not only is it digital miniature golf, but you can create your own holes and courses.  Below is a trailer that shows off some of the options you'll have.  It's a little underwhelming for a trailer but I'm interested to find out more details. 

ZEN Studios announces Planet MiniGolf Course Customizer Trailer Now Available

ZEN Studios’ upcoming arcade golfing multiplayer game Planet MiniGolf begins to show off some of the features and customization options that will rocket the title up the leaderboard! A course creation and sharing system is just one of many features that distinguish ZEN Studios’ Planet MiniGolf from the rest of the pack. The Course Customization trailer released today shows off the creation of two holes in two minutes. This first video introduces the vast array of items that you can use to create your signature course.

Planet MiniGolf’s course customization gives players all the options imaginable to make fun and memorable holes and courses! With the ability to place a wide selection of surfaces and objects just about anywhere in 3D space, the editor is a powerful yet user-friendly tool that allows for nearly limitless new content. After putting the finishing touches on their creation, players can share it with the community, where it can be played and rated by other players in any game mode.

Planet MiniGolf is coming to PlayStation®Network Spring 2010.

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