Create "Living Art" trailer

by: Tina -
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EA Play Label will be releasing Create, a challenge-centric game based on player creativity, next week on November 19th. Before the game hits retail shelves, however, take a look at the newly released trailer below.

Entitled “Living Art,” the trailer portrays the many creative ways a player can set up each setting with everything from trees to trains to furniture for houses. 

Next week, on 19th November, the EA Play Label will be unlocking a world of play with Create. At its heart, Create is an expansive challenge-based game, with a nearly infinite set of solutions for the player to explore. The Challenge mode offers a series of puzzles with a specific goal to be achieved, and provides a number of fun and creative objects to come up with a solution. Points are allocated based on the number of objects used, and the overall creativity of the solution. The Challenge opportunities are virtually limitless, where the only constraint is your imagination. 
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