Crazy Taxi will never be the same

by: Jeremy -
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You know that port of the classic Sega Dreamcast Crazy Taxi that is heading to Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network? While the game was advertised as being a perfect port of the original game, some of the content from the original edition isn’t making the transfer to the new generation.

Don’t plan on taking your customers to the likes of Pizza Hut or Kentucky Fried Chicken... those licenses and likenesses will not be used. Instead, locations such as the pizza parlor and the chicken restaurant will be used. The most noticeable absence form the game will be the licensed Offspring tracks in the old game. The classic songs that became synonymous with the title aren’t going to be licensed for the new port as well. I can deal with the loss of the store names, but the music change will be a pretty big loss.

Here’s to hoping that the game will support the use of your own music on your hard drive. Can we say workaround?

Source: Siliconera
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