Could there be an official Ultima IV reboot/remake in the works?

by: John -
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For those that played Ultima IV through a web browser, your time is up. EA has sent takedown notices to a few sites that are hosting the game. Even sites that have the original game for download has been asked to remove it.

Ultima Aiera via BluesNews speculates that this could mean a remake or reboot of the game might be in the works at Mythic. Mythic is working on one or a few secret projects and talk now going around is that it could be another Ultima game. But, any Ultima game would probably have to be without Lord British as Richard Garriot, not EA, owns the rights to the beloved king. So, could we see an Ultima IV remake where the king is Lord Blackthorne?  

Being a player of all the old Ultima games on the Commodore 64, it would be really weird to not see Lord British in Britannia. So, hearing that there might be a remake of the classic game gives me some mixed feelings. Let's hope we see something soon about why EA's asking all the sites to remove Ultima IV from being accessible.
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