Could Metal Gear Walk Peacefully onto the PS3?

by: Sean Colleli -
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At a recent Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker event, Konami Q/A people asked game journalists, Gamepro among them, if they'd mind seeing Peace Walker show up on the PS3. Specifically, as a  PSN release and with online multiplayer. Granted, this wasn't completely out-of-the-ordinary for a developer question, but it raises some interesting possibilities.

Peace Walker was originally going to be called Metal Gear Solid 5, so it was a big deal from the beginning--it's an important chapter in the series, not just some interquel throwaway. Kojima has done special re-releases for every game in the series except for MGS4, so this would be a new way for him to touch up an MGS game and give it a special edition. For now this is just a Q/A inquiry at a press event, but an unusual and intriguing one.
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