Could Mass Effect 3 finally see a melee-focused class?

by: Nathaniel -
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When ME1 came out in 2007, one of the biggest initial complaints I heard was that it lacked a melee class, which, apparently, you couldn't have an RPG without back then.  However, it appears that is about to change with the rumored inclusion of a "heavy melee" class in Mass Effect 3.

Eurogamer is reporting that, after translating the Spanish gaming mag MarcaPlayer (the info was also posted on BioWare's forum) it was discovered that Mass Effect 3 contains a SWAT turn, and new melee attacks that include kicks and punches, and that the so-called Heavy Melee class will be able to take advantage of those moves.  

Other sites have picked up the story and are reporting it as well.

So, while this info seems legit, I can't help but wonder if melee weapons will be involved or if it will just be kicks and punches. The issue people had with the first one was about the lack of swords and batons specifically, rather than kicks and punches, so I doubt it will appease those still pining for the day Commander Shepard can bash a reaper to death with a lightsaber.

I do like the idea, however.  I'm assuming this class will somehow branch from the soldier class, and frankly, the soldier class needs some sprucing up.  In a universe where I can set people on fire from afar or create mini-black holes of death, the allure of 4 guns at once is lost on me - you can only shoot one at a time after all.
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