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Could Kojima's countdown be for Lords of Shadow

by: John -
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Kombo seems to be pretty much on top of this one. There's a silhouette of what's coming up next for Kojima in an upcoming magazine. Well some Neogaf member may have solved with what the S stands for and what the next game could be. Lords of Shadow looks like what the picture on the magazine is and there's a countdown site already registered to Konami but hasn't been made public yet. Googling Lords of Shadow gives you

Konami - Lords of Shadow : Launch Countdown
It is the end of days. The earth's alliance with the heavens has been impeded by a mysterious, ungodly power. Darkness reigns as the world suffocates under ...
www.lordsofshadow.com/ - Similar pages -

So, do we have the game that Kojima's going to be announcing at E3? Maybe but the game was announced a year ago at GGC 2008 and Kojima has been said to be working on two games. The game's set for both PS3 and Xbox 360.