Cosplayer helps Irrational Games bring BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth to life

by: Russell -
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No one can deny how huge cosplaying is.  When I went to GenCon this past August, I'd swear over half the people I saw in the main exhibit hall were cosplaying something or someone.  I'd imagine it's the same at any other game/anime convention.  However, what if you did such a great cosplay that a game developer wanted to use you to help promote their game?  Well, that's pretty much the story here.

Cosplayer Anna Moleva (aka Ormeli) has recently been cosplaying as Elizabeth from the upcoming game BioShock Infinite.  The resemblance is so uncanny (see pics in the link below) that when Irrational Games saw the pics they asked her to help them bring Elizabeth to life in the game's box, key art, and upcoming television ad.  It's one thing to win a costume contest at a convention, but it's pretty hard to beat helping a game developer promote a game by portraying a character through cosplaying.  That's just awesome, and as stated before, the resemblance is pretty uncanny.

To check out the article and a Q&A with Anna, head on over to this link.
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