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Cooking Mama becomes Crafting Mama

by: Marissa -
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Mama, you crazy broad, is there anything you can't do? Cooking, gardening, and now crafting. Today Majesco (NASDAQ: COOL...how awesome is that?) announced Crafting Mama for the DS, which will release this fall.

Mama will have more than 40 different projects, including patchwork quilts, earrings, candles, xylophones, kaleidoscopes, birdhouses, flower decorations, and dolls that she will make to look like herself, which is kind of creepy, but I still want one. Once you've made a craft, you can have Mama interact with it (sew an apron and put it on her, watch her fly a paper airplane you made). The game will have multiplayer support as well, though I can't imagine why. I guess this franchise is selling well...the developer is called Cooking Mama Limited, after all. 

What do you think Mama will be up to next, now that she's conquered cooking, gardening, and crafting?