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I've figured for years that Nintendo was hitting the bottom of the Pokemon barrel but they kept cranking out the same old monster battling RPGs year after year. Now they're finally doing something different with Pokemon Conquest. Using the Legendary class Pokemon from the past few main series titles, players must battle other warlords in the land of Ransei, taking over 17 different kingdoms linked to the 17 classes of Pokemon.

The game is being developed by Tecmo Koei for the plain old DS strangely enough, although through backwards compatibility it is playable on 3DS. With six-on-six skirmishes and an epic story of warring kingdoms and beastmasters it makes me wonder why they didn't just make their own game instead of co-opting the cute and cuddly world of Pokemon.
Pokémon Fans Find Kingdoms to Conquer in Pokémon Conquest for Nintendo DS

Players Battle to Unite the Region of Ransei in a New Game Featuring Warlords, Warriors, Characters Inspired by Japanese History and Nearly 200 Pokémon

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- New and experienced fans of the Pokémon video game series are invited to embark on an entirely new role-playing adventure. Pokémon Conquest launches for the Nintendo DS family of hand-held systems on June 18. The game is also playable on Nintendo 3DS in 2D mode, and challenges players to enter into battles across a variety of environments in the mythical region of Ransei. For the first time in the Pokémon franchise, players take on the role of Warlords who are linked with Pokémon, and must recruit allies to unite the kingdoms of Ransei and unleash the Legendary Pokémon. Developed by TECMO KOEI GAMES Co., Ltd., the game features nearly 200 Pokémon to battle and recruit, including many from the fan-favorite Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version games.

In Pokémon Conquest, the region of Ransei is divided into 17 distinct kingdoms – one for each of the 17 types of Pokémon. Players will be able to choose from 36 playable Warlords, each with its own unique storyline, and engage in a series of turn-based battles in which they can control Pokémon and Warriors. Battles can grow to include as many as 12 Pokémon in a six-on-six skirmish. Many battlefield victories will let players recruit more Warlords and Warriors and gain access to additional allies. Along the way, they will also encounter fascinating Warlords and Warriors inspired by the Japanese feudal era.

“Pokémon Conquest offers new adventures for fans of any experience level,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “By stepping into the role of a Warlord who must form alliances to unite the region, they can discover a whole new way to enjoy the strategic battles and imaginative storylines that the Pokémon franchise is known for.”

Pokémon Conquest also includes a range of wildly different battle environments that can affect game play. For example, falling rocks or spouts of hot lava might influence how a battle unfolds, and choosing the correct Pokémon type can mean the difference between victory and defeat. Additionally, each playable Warlord has a special skill that can be used to help Pokémon on the battlefield.

To share the adventure of Pokémon Conquest with a friend, players can use a local wireless connection to face off in two-player battles. Each player must own his or her own Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS system and Pokémon Conquest game card.

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