Confrontation has a confrontational launch trailer

by: Sean Colleli -
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Cyanide Studios just launched their new tactical RPG, Confrontation, and they have a launch trailer to go with it. The trailer details the various factions and the greater conflict, but the narrator seems to be chewing the scenery a bit. The Scorpion army's alchemical monstrosities also look like something out of a PG-13 rated H.R. Giger artbook, which is a nice change from the usual dragons, elves and orcs.


Confrontation, the new tactical role-playing game on PC from Cyanide Studio (Blood Bowl, Game of Thrones), today unveiled its launch trailer!

Deftly combining role-playing game elements with strategy, Confrontation will be available tomorrow in retail and digital stores! Discover more of its universe through the 2 minutes of video we invite you to discover today before throwing yourself into the intense and challenging battles of the game tomorrow!

Today's video immerses the player in the universe of Confrontation, Aarklash. While the Rag'narok, the end of times, is inexorably approaching, the Path of Light (the Griffin), Path of Destiny (the Wolfen and Orcs), and Path of Darkness (the Scorpion) are preparing for battle. At the heart of the Syhar desert, an elite squad of the Griffin is going an important quest, which could turn the Rag'narok in their favor...

Take command of these valorous Griffin warriors, and face Orcs, the Wolfen, and the fearsome creatures of the Scorpion in battle tomorrow!
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