Concussions are still in the game, but your player won’t be getting back in

by: Dan -
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Keeping up with the original EA Sports slogan “If it's in the game, it's in the game” (subsequently changes to “It’s in the game”), the Madden franchise will expand upon its handling of in-game concussions for players starting next season. In the past, any player that was knocked out of the game with a concussion was able to be put back in the following quarter. That has changed and your star player (after taking a knee to the noggin) will have his butt firmly planted on the pine for the rest of the game in Madden NFL 12.  Also, the game will have "exclusion of helmet-to-helmet hits and headfirst tackling". 

With the NFL’s new found emphasis on concussions (after some gentle prodding from Congress) and the Madden franchises position as an influence over the youth of the country, it was decided that the changes made sense.  Both Peter Moore (head honcho at EA) and John Madden think the new way to handle in-game concussions is the right thing to do according to ESPN. In addition, not only will your player have to leave the game, but Gus Johnson and Chris Collingsworth (game announcers) will also explain in the game why the player can’t return. I personally think this is a solid move because any player at any time can suffer a concussion in any type of football game. From a curiosity standpoint, I would be interested in the probabilities and algorithms used to determine who/what/when a player gets hi bell rung.

So what do you think? Good or bad move?
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