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Combat Arms is growing by one semi-lonely zone, as the Ghost Town map has been added to the Combat Arms battle zones. The map is an area outside Boston, MA that features tall buildings with sniper nests throughout and no civilians, who were run off after a virus outbreak. There looks to be plenty of cover, but you better move your butt quick and stay under cover or you will be picked off. New weapons in the zone include a light weight backpack, a two slot Terrain Backpack, and the new bullpup rifle, the XK-8, which is scoped and has rapid fire. Sounds like a nice sniper exterminator weapon to me.

A new video and some screens were released today to show off the new area. The video shows the Ghost Town Zone in a quick flyover. Check out all the assets below or hit the release if you are looking for additional details.

Ghost Town flyover

Ghost Town map added to Combat Arms battle zones

Nexon America has released a new content update for Combat Arms that includes a new war zone called Ghost Town, new weapons, and a new gear item to support any desire to create maximum carnage.

Ghost Town, located near Boston, Mass., is a street level zone with access to tall buildings where players will have to battle block-by-block using cars, construction barriers and abandoned military vehicles as cover . Players on the street will be targets for snipers hiding in high-rise windows and many of the dark alleys and turns the new zone offers. The area was abandoned after an experimental virus was accidentally released into the city, forcing the evacuation of all civilians and creating a hot spot for mercenary factions clashing with the occasional zombie horde attack.

The zone can be played in several modes, including Bombing Run, Capture the Flag, Elimination, Elimination Pro, Last Man Standing, Search and Destroy, Spy Hunt as well as Seize and Secure. The Ghost Town Killah Event is currently underway, where players who complete 50 matches by Nov. 21 will be eligible to earn limited edition weapons.

Adding to the flavor of the new zone is a new light weight backpack, the two slot Terrain Backpack, and the new bullpup rifle, the XK-8. The versatile XK-8 comes with a scope and rapid fire, useful for heated battle as well as sniping in Ghost Town.

The new content is currently available to play and download for free at
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