Combat Arms gets more tools for death and destruction

by: Chad -
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Three new weapons are now available for Combat Arms players.  Nexon America released some information today for the latest update to their multiplayer first person shooter.  Players can now spend NX Cash to obtain the M4 Super 90 or FAMAS-N Supply case.  They can also use Gear Points to get the M3 Super 90 if they have achieved the rank of Command Sergeant Major IV. 

In simple terms, there are two new shotguns and a new pistol.  Along with the update comes new screens to show them off.  Check them out below or head to the web site for Combat Arms to download it for free and play today.

Nexon America released new content for Combat Arms, featuring three new weapons available in the multiplayer online FPS. Screenshots featuring these new weapons in action are also available for use.
Players can access the Black Market and spend NX Cash to acquire the new M4 Super 90 or the K5SD or pick up the new FAMAS-N Supply Case.
The M3 Super 90 is also a new weapon available through Gear Points (in-game currency) for players ranked Command Sergeant Major IV or higher.
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