Codemasters Online shacks up with PlaySpan

by: Marissa -
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The kids are going to be adorable.

Codemasters Online and PlaySpan have announced a partnership that will allow players to purchase Codemasters Online digital goods and services with the power of the UltimatePay service. UltimatePay lets buyers choose from 56 different methods of payment, from TravelersExpress to MobilCash. Codemasters hopes this will make transactions easier for gamers of all financial means.

“I am delighted to launch this new scheme and think it is fantastic that we can now provide yet another route for users without credit cards to enjoy our games and services.  We are working hard to constantly improve our customer experience and this is another step in that direction,” said David Solari, vice president & general manager of Codemasters Online.
“PlaySpan is excited and proud to partner with Codemasters Online,” said Karl Mehta, founder & CEO of PlaySpan. “We’re eager to introduce UltimatePay to fans and enable more of them to experience Codemasters premium content.”

UltimatePay is available now.
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