Closer look at Sentinel and Hsien-Ko

by: Jeremy -
More On: Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Capcom has released some hi-res images of the two newest Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters which show off how the classic characters look in the new MvC3 style. It should also be noted that Capcom has repeatedly referred to both characters as “secret” characters in various listings across the internet.

It was my hope that Capcom would include at least some of the game’s characters as unlockable secrets rather than laying everything out from the start. As much as I love, and still play, Super Street Fighter 4, I still prefer the experience I got from the standard SF4 simply because of the replay value I was provided by having to unlock a large chunk of the roster. In a perfect world, MvC3 would include the same point / purchase system that was included in the Dreamcast version of MvC2. I still play the game on my old Dreamcast and occasionally wipe my save just to go through and buy everything again... and I know many of my friends who enjoy the same thing.

Whether you have to unlock them or not, both characters looks really good in the new visual style as you can see below:

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