Clint Hocking leaves Ubisoft

by: John -
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Who is Clint Hocking? Well, he's been one of the ones responsible for the awesomeness that is the Splinter Cell series. Clint started out doing level design but moved up in the ranks to become lead designer for Far Cry 2 and creative designer for the Splinter Cell line of games.

As with most good things, they have to end and Clint talks about resigning from Ubisoft. I can understand his view in that if you get too comfortable at what you do, you'll become bored and not do your best work. It's one of the reasons I work as a software developer and love to redo sites like Gaming Nexus and my other projects in new technologies. It keeps me fresh and my skills up to date as well as not making it boring.

I wish Clint the best of luck on his next endeavor whatever that may be and hope to see some more great games coming from him in the future.
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