Cliffy B, exit, stage right

by: Jeremy -
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In a move that completely caught many off guard, Epic Games’ Cliff Bleszinski has announced that he has resigned from his post as the studio’s design director. Cliff, age 37, cited the reason for his departure as being that he has been doing nothing but create video games since he was a teenager and it is time for a break.

Cliff has been at Epic since the early 90‘s, lending his talents to classic series such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal, and of course, Gears of War. It was once Gears of War launched that he became an industry celebrity and the face and voice of Epic. It will be interesting to see how the developer fills the void his departure leaves and who, if anyone, steps up to be the public face of the company.

It will also be interesting to see if, when, and where Cliff makes his return to the industry...

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