Cliffy B reminds you that Bulletstorm is good for the environment

by: Jeremy -
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Another day, another set of “Bulletpoints” from Epic Games and People Can Fly about the upcoming Bulletstorm. This time around, Cliffy B speaks a little bit about how some of the over the top actions that you can take in the game can be good for the environment. Going green is cool, right?

This particular video isn’t bad, but I am getting a little worried about Bulletstorm and its marketing. Sure, Fox News latest diatribe about the game was completely overblown, but I do think that the game may be a little too over the top for its own good. I get it, I like it, and I will definitely be picking up the game when it launches next week. The problem is that I think that some of the content of the game is just too much and will bring some unwarranted attention to the game that it could honestly do without.

Kudos to People Can Fly for sticking to their guns though. There is a rating system in place for the industry and if more retailers and businesses paid attention and enforced the policies set in place by the ESRB, perhaps some of the news outlets and outspoken opposition to titles like Bulletstorm would have less to work with...

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