Cliff Bleszinski to reveal next game on Jimmy Fallon Show next Thursday

by: Chuck -
More On: Gears of War 3
It looks like we're going to find out what Cliff Bleszinski and the folks at Epic have been working on since Gears of War 2 next Thursday (April 8th) on the Jimmy Fallon show.  The host tweeted the news late last night that the Epic designer will be appearing on the show to debut the game. 

This is an interesting move because the debut is happening on a national, network TV show (Sorry Geoff Keighly) and it's coming almost two months ahead of E3.  I'm guessing debut means we'll finally see Gears of War 3 but you never know.  If it is Gears of War 3 the next question becomes when the game comes out.  There are rumblings that the game isn't going to come out until 2011 but we could get a surprise.
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