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Shadow Warrior is a gory, messy game. Things can get quite out of hand as you dice dozens and dozens of demons into tiny, bloody chunks. Runestorm and Flying Wild Hog have teamed up to bring you a unique look at the world of an M-rated FPS--just who cleans up all those gibs anyway? In Shadow Warrior: Viscera Cleanup Detail, a free minigame available to anyone who bought the new Shadow Warrior game, you play as one of Zilla Enterprise's weary janitors tasked with scrubbing up the unspeakable pile of limbs and entrails Lo Wang leaves in his wake. This is why I love Devolver digital.

Check out a trailer for the new minigame below, and stay tuned for my full review of Shadow Warrior in the coming weeks.

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 - That Blood Is Going to Leave a Stain Though -
Austin, TX - October 11, 2013  – Independent developers RuneStorm (Viscera Cleanup Detail) and Flying Wild Hog (Shadow Warrior, Hard Reset) have
been brought together via the Devolver Digital Cross Promotions
Department to birth one of the more unique video game mash-ups ever – Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior. A free standalone mini-game, Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior takes place after Lo Wang’s first big katana battle against the yakuza in Shadow Warrior as a hapless janitor from Zilla Enterprises is tasked with cleaning up the bloody mess.
our team first saw Viscera Cleanup Detail on Steam Greenlight we
absolutely loved with the idea of a person out there that had to clean
up after big battles in FPS or horror games,” said Michal Szustak,
Studio Head at Flying Wild Hog. “RuneStorm has done a tremendous job in
taking a key scene from Shadow Warrior and recreating its aftermath to
form a fun and hilariously frustrating mini-game using the Viscera
Cleanup Detail mechanics.”
viscera janitors will be able to use their custom mop, commercial grade
plastic gloves, high tech viscera finder, and an industrial incinerator
to clean up blood, guts, and the occasional dismembered arm. Plan your
strategy wisely or risk tracking bloody footprints around your clean
floors or knocking over a bucket of guts on what was previously a
pristine flight of stairs! Perform your job skillfully and find yourself
rewarded with two handsome achievements to hang in your locker.
clear exploitation of two talented independent developers is really a
landmark moment in my career and I can’t wait to see the immense amount
of personal wealth I stand to gain from this financially driven
marketing stunt,” said Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker. “Oh, Viscera
Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior is free? In that case you can all eat my
butt. Eat it right up.”
 Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior is available now for free to all owners of Flying Wild Hog’s Shadow Warrior on Steam, GOG, Humble Store and other services. Shadow Warrior is available now through digital means of distribution at

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