Class of Heroes held back a grade

by: Randy -
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Class of HeroesAtlus already beat us to the punch by saying that Class of Heroes is "tardy" and will be getting "detention" until June.  The PSP's first-person RPG found a game-breaker bug just days before going gold.  So Atlus is doing the right thing by putting in a few more late nights and making sure the show-stopper is unceremoniously pulled off stage. 

"We will under no circumstances," stated an Atlus rep, "ship a product with foreknowledge of such an issue."  And then again, riffing on the school days theme, proclaimed "This is going on our permanent record" in writing.  (Ahh, the new PR folks at Atlus are beginning to stretch their comedic wings.)

I've attempted rattling Atlus' cage regarding the none-too-graceful skirmish between 2D and 3D graphics in Class of Heroes, but I'll cut them some due slack for being open and honest about the need for a push-back date.  The characters, sporting ten races, two genders, three alignments, and fifteen majors will have their summer break extended just that much longer before traversing over 75 maps and schooling folks in over 80 hours of dungeon crawling, meshed together with over 400 recipes for the customization of items and equipment.  Consider every PowerPoint bullet for an RPG satisfied with those numbers.  Class of Heroes is now scheduled for a June 9 launch on PSP, and still going for $39.99 (no extra charge for the bug extermination).
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