Cities XL will be released in North America of October 9th

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Monte Cristo has announced the official release date for Cities XL for North America will be October 9th. You can order the game in pyhsical or digital form on the official website, or download Cities XL on Steam, Direct2Drive, Trygames, Impulse, or Gametap. If you haven't seen any of our recent coverage of Cities XL you could read the interview, or you could just watch this latest trailer. Thanks GameTrailers.

North American players, rejoice! Monte Cristo is pleased to announce
that they will release Cities XL in North America on October 9.

The product will be available on Monte Cristo's secure website at
, and will be delivered to consumers via:

 Mail order of the boxed version covering USA and Canada (Shipping
will be free of charge!)
Digital download

The following digital download networks will also support Cities XL -


Check back on the official Cities XL web site often for more info on
special promotions and more partners!
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