Cities XL walkthrough videos will get virtual civil engineers excited

by: Randy -
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Continuing to show marked progress in development, Cities XL released two videos brimming with info.  This first video is an introduction to key gameplay elements that spoke around a hub of realism, from structure, map design and transport, to the ways that citizens impact the city-building sim.  This is probably what the hardcore city sim naysayers were hoping for during at least one stage of Spore.  It's obvious that Cities XL takes itself quite seriously.

This second video gets into online and community features.  Focusing on a ski resort GEM (Gameplay Extension Module), you'll be briefed on how to run a business, trade resources with other players, check out the ability to view other cities in the virtual world, and read online city journals where you can share your achievements as a virtual mayor and business mogul.  Making Cities XL an online game -- where many players populate the planet -- keeps this one's premise very, very exciting.

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