Cities XL dev blog shows off "Point, Shoot -- Win!" winner, and screens

by: Randy -
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Developer Monte Cristo put up a few large blocks of information on upcoming Sim City challenger, Cities XL.  First is a pic-heavy blog from 3D modeling artist, Kirill Bozhok , from the Kiev studio.  From scratch, Kirill shows us how to create one of the in-game structures -- this one being particularly special as it was the winner from their "Point, Shoot -- Win!" contest, which had gamers submit images of their homes for possible inclusion in Cities XL.  Here's the winner:  Isabella's House.

Monte Cristo also sent over a slew of pics, ranging in perspective from man-on-the-street views to airplane heights, showing off warehouses, highrises, skating rinks, ski lifts, Golden Gate-styled bridges, sports arenas, and vehicle traffic.  Everything's looking mighty detailed for a city simulator, though I'm still apprehensive about those repeating skyscraper models.  City Life suffers the same issue, so I'm looking forward to Cities XL having the money, manpower, and motivation to crank out more building designs.
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