Cities XL demo now available

by: Chuck -
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Ahead of the October release of Cities XL the folks at Monte Cristo have released a demo of the game which will allow you to play with almost the entire feature set of the game for the month of September.  The demo will limit you to three of the 25 available maps, hold your cities to a population of less than 22,000, and only provide some of the avatar creation functionality present in the final game.

The demo period will run for the month of September and will give players the chance to build a city of up to 22,000 citizens on a persistent planet (the full version of the game lets you create megalopolises of millions of citizens). Players will be able to build their city across three available maps (the full version of the game will include 25 maps for solo mode and 50 for the Planet Offer). Inter-city trading, the chat function and a limited avatar builder have all been included, along with the possibility to visit Capital City, a town that offers an example of what can be created with Cities XL.   

Players can also create their own city journals and start a new city as often as they wish for the duration of the demo period.
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