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Chuck's E3 Games list

by: Chuck -
More On: E3 2009
As I talked about in my E3 Pro Tips article one of the things I like to do before going to the show is to create a list of games that I want to see while I'm at the show.  Here's my current list of games and the reasons that I want to check them out:
  • Army of Two: The 40th Day - John and I loved the original game, expecting a lot more goodness from the sequel
  • Dark Void - Crimson Skies devs + jetpacks = awesome. Really looking forward to seeing how the game has advanced in the last year.
  • Jumpgate Evolution - I've warmed up to the game since I first saw it last year. I'm hoping that it's the MMO Wing Commander experience that we've been promised.
  • MAG - I'm always leery of FPS titles on consoles but I'm interested to see how well they manage all of those players.
  • New Ratchet and Clank - Loved the mini-episode and I'm interested to see if this is another DLC game or a full retail disc
  • Modern Warfare 2 - Duh, Modern Warfare  was amazing and Infinity Wars has yet to disappoint
  • God of War 3 - Signature Sony franchise finally makes it's way to the current generation platform. Wondering how many enemies they can cram on screen at once
  • Borderlands - Looked fairly generic until the game got it's art style change, know a bit more interested
  • Dead Rising 2 - First game was great, wondering if they'll keep the same broken save system as the first game
  • Rain - First stab at crossing the uncanny valley, wondering if they'll fall short or not
  • Alpha Protocol - Not a lot of press on this James Bond game but it's using the Mass Effect 2 engine game but it's starting to shape up nicely
  • The Conduit - Only Wii game I'm even remotely interested in
  • Uncharted 2 - Loved the first game, this one looks even better
  • Mass Effect 2 - Just to taunt Randy
  • Dante's Inferno- Dead Space devs next project, have high hopes on this one
  • Bad Company 2 - Destructible terrain FTW, hopefully they can fix the writing a bit
  • DJ Hero - Wondering if this is as cool as it sounds or just another plastic instrument to clutter the living room
  • Alan Wake- Something has to take Duke's place but I have a feeling we're going to finally get more info on the game
  • Rock Band: Beatles - This is going to be the big reveal for the game and we're hearing a lot of buzz about some cool features.
  • APB - The MMO has been in the works for quite some time and is finally starting to generate some buzz
  • Huxley - Huxley was all the rage a few years ago when it first appeared at E3. The game took last year off and is back this year. I'm interested to see how much has changed since the original vision and how it's progressing.
  • Darksiders - The action game from Vigil/THQ has been on my radar since it was announced and with the game nearing completion I'd like to see how much it measured up to what I saw last year
  • Aliens vs. Predators - The AvP games are always good and this one looks to be another solid entry in the series.
  • NHL 10 - I'm interested to see how the first person fighting mode works and how they are going to improve on one of the best sports games to come out in recent memory
  • Brutal Legend - Looks good and hoping the game lives up to my high expectations for the game

Any thing I missed that I should add to the list?  Drop me a note in the comments.